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The Late Talker

Now Also Available In Paperback!

The Late Talker
What to do if your child isn't Talking Yet
St Martin's Press May 2003
by Marilyn Agin MD, Lisa Geng, and Malcolm J. Nicholl

Every parent eagerly awaits the day his or her child will speak for the fist time. For millions of mothers and fathers, however, anticipation turns to anxiety when those initial, all-important words are a long time coming. Many worried parents are reassured that their child is "just a late talker," but unfortunately, that is not always the case. Co-author Lisa Geng was one of those parents and she discovered that her children had serious speech disorders.

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Cherab Late Talker Search by National TV Producers posted about on Cherab email list for both parents and professionals.

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Past Publications and News Features:

Before Cherab, most people looked at apraxia as an unknown and rare speech disorder. The reality is that children with the same "late talker" symptoms are on the rise. So no matter what you call it, or your doctor calls it, or your school calls it, or your speech therapist calls it, or your mother in law calls it, there are more "late talkers" today who are just not starting to talk than years ago. And there is something that needs to be done about it to help bring our children a smile and a voice.


Exceptional Parent

CoverMagazine article on apraxia provides information about children from a parent's perspective and information about Cherab:

"Just a late talker" was a phrase two mothers kept hearing when they questioned their children's lack of verbal ability. Pressing for answers, they discovered the mysterious disorder called verbal apraxia and found out about the importance of early intervention and support.

TV show on Late Talker versus Apraxia


CN8 "Not Just A Late Talker," a half hour talk show about verbal apraxia featuring parents and professionals from Cherab, aired twice so far on CN8 on a half hour talk show called "Real Life," most recently at 6:00 PM January 14, 2002. One of the advisors for Cherab was interviewed, Dr. Judy Flax, who is a PhD in charge of research for the Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience at Rutgers University. Cheryl Bennett Johnson, SLS MA /Educational Consultant, was also interviewed. See more about the show.

Inside Edition "Imagine being stuck in a world where you can understand perfectly well, but you don't have the voice to communicate." Deborah Norville on Inside Edition's segment on verbal apraxia and Cherab Foundation.

Engle Med article "Look Who's Talking Now" featuring Cherab's Foundation findings on EFAs " A simple fish oil supplement may be the key to dramatically unlock the voices of children with speech and language disorders."

Seton Hall University Law School selects the Cherab Foundation to award their yearly competitive grant and to honor at "Chef's Row"

Star-Ledger newspaper article "Advocate for a little known disorder" about Lisa Geng and how and why her son Tanner inspired her to start a nonprofit to help other children like her son.

The LCP Solution book by B. Jacqueline Stordy. See the chapter "The Lellow Breakthrough", where Lisa Geng shares the story of her son Tanner and how she started a nonprofit support group to help other children like her son.

Children's Specialized Hospital -- Under The Umbrella "Unlocking the Words: Helping Children with Apraxia"  A feature article about Lisa Geng and how her apraxic son, Tanner inspired her to help other children like her son.

Past Events:

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May 2 -4 2002, Cherab hosts Nancy Kaufman CCC SLP at NJSHA Conference.

December 5, 2001
The Cherab Foundation was chosen as the non-profit of choice in 2001, and was honored at a Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, Sponsored by the Headquarters Plaza Hotel, NJ

November 7, 2001
Letter to the Food and Drug Administration Regarding Thimerosal in Vaccines.

August 22, 2001
Letter to the Institute of Medicine Regarding Thimerosal in Vaccines.

Letter to the Food and Drug Administration Regarding the Dangers to Health of Indiscriminate Ban of 4 kinds of Fatty Fish from Pregnant Women and Newborns due to Possible High Mercury Levels.

August 6, 2001
Inside Edition Segment on Verbal Apraxia and Cherab

July 23-24, 2001

The First Apraxia Conference

The First Scientific Conference Dedicated to the Therapy of Verbal Apraxia/Dyspraxia

Essential Fatty Acids and Verbal Apraxia: A New Potential Therapeutic Intervention

New Nonprofit Formed to Help Childhood Speech and Language Disorders: Cherab, helping to bring children a smile and a voice.

December, 2000 Children's Magical Holiday Party, With guests including someone from the North Pole, magician Bobby J. Gallo, and Club Baby, Featuring Denise.

Hear Apraxic Children at The Talking Page

Read an "apraxia" online diary at Kids Talk Back


Family Picture from top left, Glenn, Dakota, (our first "late talker,") Lisa (Founder of Cherab), and Tanner, (our second "late talker" who we used to call the "Serious Babe.") What nobody knew then, including Tanner's first pediatricians, or his first Speech and Language Pathologists, was that his lack of facial expressions was one of the warning signs of oral apraxia, a condition that can be diagnosed earlier than verbal apraxia.  

The Cherab Foundation is a world-wide nonprofit organization working to improve the communication skills and education of all children with speech and language delays and disorders. Our area of emphasis is verbal and oral apraxia, severe neurologically-based speech and language disorders that hinder children's ability to speak.

The Cherab Foundation is committed to assisting with the development of new therapeutic approaches, preventions and cures to neurologically-based speech disorders. We bring together parents and medical, research, and educational professionals. Please join us and help to give our children a smile and a voice.

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