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The Late Talker

Readmore about The Late Talker, a new book for families of children who are late to talk.


Inside Edition:
Apraxia and The Cherab Foundation


The Inside Edition segment about apraxia, and our nonprofit was so successful that it has been aired Nationwide on standby/repeat since August 6, 2001!


View the trip to NY (and Mars) for this show too!

Page from Inside Edition from week of August 6th, 2001:

Click to hear apraxic children at The Talking Page

If you would like to purchase a copy from Inside Edition, please call them at 212-817-5656, or 1-800-EDITION. Or you can visit their website at Inside Edition, then ask for the segment on "verbal apraxia," August 6, 2001, the segment producer is Stefanie Linzer. We are not involved in the sale or distribution of this segment, but we can give you the Inside Story...

After about 30 hours of taping, and hours of editing down to 5 and a half minutes, we were left with one powerful segment. Here are a few frozen moments from the segment.

"Early on, we didn't know if Brandon was a late talker..." Scott Bilker, Brandon's Dad

"As we watch Brandon and his six year old younger brother Grant recite the Pledge of Allegiance, it is apparent how much effort and focus it takes for each word Brandon repeats to come out properly." -Deborah Norville, Host of Inside Edition talking about eight year old Brandon who is "the best reader in his class."

Checking out the Talking Page

"Children that are verbally apraxic have been misdiagnosed as autistic, or mentally retarded." Lori Roth MS CCC SLP (Dr. Agin, who was also interviewed twice for this segment as the medical authority, verified this same point.)

"As his Dad, ... it was just real difficult for me watching him not be able to communicate back and forth on some really simple things" Glenn and Lisa. Geng talking about 4 year old son Tanner

"Our hope and our goal is to mainstream these children to their local Kindergartens." Claire Kanter Executive Director of Private Speech School that has been successful in working with apraxic children.

"These children have received early intervention, but what about the kids who are diagnosed much later..." "Khalid is a true success story!"-Deborah Norville, Host of Inside Edition about to introduce Khalid and Rachel.

"I was shy when I was younger because I thought no one would understand me. But now I'm more outgoing. I have lots of friends, and I try to make friends." Khalid age 13, who was not diagnosed with apraxia until age 8.


"I'm just so happy that I can help so many people." Rachel Horowitz, age 21 who didn't receive appropriate therapy for apraxia until high school. In spite of the beliefs of her public school and their inappropriate misclassifications of her, Rachel is now in her third year of college going towards a degree in special ed to help "special" children of the future.

Baby picture of Rachel.






Rachel, who still requires speech therapy, had been afraid to talk in front of strangers. She not only presented to about 100 people at one of our monthly meetings, but was being filmed by Inside Edition as well! She is amazing!

And "Lisa Geng works tirelessly..." Deborah Norville, host of Inside Edition

"What happens to a child with apraxia when they grow up?" Kal and his mom Cindy flew in from New Mexico for this meeting, and presented and answered questions with Rachel as our group was filmed for Inside Edition.

But wait... where is our secretary Stacey Abenstein? The one who takes "notes in crayon" for our email list, the one with "Ask the Doctor".

There is Stacey on the far right! (One of her friends spotted her on Inside Edition when it aired on TV and called to tell her she has 14 minutes and 57 seconds worth of fame to go!)

Even Deborah Norville had to stop and say how "complicated" our one web address was to say. That's why we are so happy that today we have a much easier web address. Hurray for and

For many more pictures of Inside Edition, and a behind the scenes look, click here to visit The Talking Page!


The INSIDE STORY- how we ended up on Inside Edition

The Cherab Foundation is a world-wide nonprofit organization working to improve the communication skills and education of all children with speech and language delays and disorders. Our area of emphasis is verbal and oral apraxia, severe neurologically-based speech and language disorders that hinder children's ability to speak.

The Cherab Foundation is committed to assisting with the development of new therapeutic approaches, preventions and cures to neurologically-based speech disorders. We bring together parents and medical, research, and educational professionals. Please join us and help to give our children a smile and a voice.

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