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The Late Talker

Read more about The Late Talker, a new book for families of children who are late to talk.

Monday, December 4, 2000
Children's Magical
Holiday Party

6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Children's Specialized Hospital

150 New Providence Road, Mountainside, NJ 07092 (908. 233. 3720)

We have many exciting surprises in store for our Holiday Party on December 4th. Thanks to the generosity of various sponsors, this free family event will provide award winning entertainment, dinner, snacks, toys, treats, surprises, and fun. We are excited about bringing our children together to share in the laughter and good times!

Dress Code (for the children)

Optional Pajama Party! Since many of you drive from a distance, you may want to bring your children in their PJ's and slippers, and throw a pillow and blanket in the car too, so that when the fun is over, your children can have sweet dreams on the way home!

This Holiday Party Is A Family Event

Please RSVP, or leave a message at 732. 871. 6013. If you need a new member package please email Karen Eardley.

"The New Language of Toys' Book Cover

Ballentine Books will again provide Dr. Stordy's book at this meeting for below list cost, no shipping, and this will be a fund raiser as well! Dr. Agin believes this to be a credible book, 'that is worth exploring." Please let us know when you RSVP how many books you would like.

In addition, right in time for the holiday's, we will have another book you'll want to own. Woodbine House will provide The New Language Of Toys Teaching Communication Skills to Children with Special Needs, for below list price, also as a fund raiser.

We have someone flying in from the North Pole...

 In addition, get ready to laugh, and be amazed, with...

"His show is thrilling, smooth, and truly quicker than the eye!"
Family Leisure Times

As soon as he enters the room your guests will realize that the magician has arrived! It is hard to imagine a magician anywhere in the industry as accomplished as Bobby. Bobby also has a child that was a "late talker" so he knows how to deal with our crowd!

Q: What is the difference between Bobby J. Gallo and other magicians?

A: Bobby J. Gallo is "THE REAL DEAL" when it comes to magic. A FULL-TIME PROFESSIONAL since 1982, Bobby J. Gallo has honed the art of magic down to a fine art. He DOES NOT perform magic tricks that can be bought in a store like many PART-TIME magicians. Bobby J. Gallo has studied magic the same way as the past masters of magic throughout the last two centuries. Many magicians actually pay to see Bobby J. Gallo Lecture his magic so they too can attain higher levels of showmanship.

Q: What Age is Bobby J. Gallo's Professional Magic appropriate for?

A: The Truth is, Bobby J. Gallo has an act for EVERY age group! His family show has been called the BEST IN THE BUSINESS and has been sought after by MAJOR THEME PARKS! His Roving Show has brought him all over the country for high caliber corporate clients! Let Bobby J. Gallo know your needs and he will have an act that can fill them.


Also Starring...

Award Winning, Nationally Acclaimed

"A Magical Musical Adventure For Kids Of All Ages"

Club Baby, Featuring

Denise's music and videos are already known to help children with delayed speech! (ssshhh! Future surprises from this special lady for our children!)


• Grammy nominated & Parents’ Choice Award WINNER
• Approved by the Board of Education of the City of New York – Vendor  ID# NEW079
• Highly interactive, dynamic, educational and entertaining performance appropriate for primary school assemblies, corporate events and libraries
• Expertly designed and individualized program
• variety of musical styles including pop, country, jazz and Latin
• non-violent and nurturing with positive moral values
• Promotes respect for our environment and those who inhabit it
• Cassettes available in English and Spanish

Recent performances include:

• Madison Square Garden for Radio Disney
• Time Warner Charity Benefit
• Viacom Family Day
• Halloween at Central Park
• Sesame Street Live at the World Trade Center


CLUB BABY consistently receives rave reviews. Here are just two...

“Your perfect choice for quality children’s entertainment . . . We can’t imagine a better way to celebrate the holidays than with the magic and music of Club Baby. Club Baby is enriching the lives of thousands of moms, dads and kids of all ages.”

- Barnes & Noble

“Join the club, Club Baby that is. . . a brilliant musical series with snappy tunes and wonderful phrases that make you laugh out loud. Club Baby is truly delightful.”

- Toy Business Magazine


Thanks to Our Holiday Sponsors

Blue Star: Watchung, NJ

Mars Inc.


gund logo

Limited amount. Please email your RSVP

or leave your RSVP message at 732-871-6013

Please include children's names, sex and ages.

NutraBlend Logo

(732) 764-0808


Union, NJ

977 Valley Road, Gillette, NJ

Rt. 22 East, Union, NJ

Rt. 22 West Springfield, NJ

Tuscan Dairy

Union, NJ

Entenmann's Bakery

If you are interested in sponsoring the entertainment or donating to this event email Lisa

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