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The Late Talker

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Competition Day


March 23rd Gala Event CHEF'S ROW

SHU Media Contact Person For CHEF'S ROw

As many of you know, our nonprofit competed with other worthy nonprofits for the Seton Hall University Law School's Yearly
Competitive Grant. Our nonprofit Children's Apraxia Network / Cherab Foundation was the primary recipient. Information on how you or your business can help support, is below the story of "competition day."

We are so excited and honored to be chosen the primary recipient, and hope you are too. Because Chef's Row is a media event, and many people come from all over to attend, we know that this event will raise
awareness to so many in just a few hours. Children are also welcome to attend this event. I will have some comp passes for the children, so email me if you need any.


Me and my husband Glenn, with our two children, had to wait in the
large beautiful hallway inside Seton Hall University for our turn to
compete. When we were finally called, only I went in, and Glenn
waited out in the hall with Dakota and Tanner. I stood in front of
the 40 lawyers and explained what apraxia is, and what our
organization is planning on doing. The presentation was timed, so I
tried to present from many angles as quickly as possible. I
presented personally as a parent, but showed them the clinical larger
global picture as well. I gave each attorney a handout with
information about apraxia, and print outs of our websites.

The lawyer's questions kept coming even after our nonprofits
allotted "time" was up. There were of course others waiting to
compete. In those final questions, I noticed that many were visibly
moved by the answers, and some wiped tissues quickly over their
eyes. At the end of the presentation, I had my husband come in with
our sons Dakota and of course Tanner. My husband said a few words,
but not much because we had told our children that they were there to
sing for these people because they heard how "beautiful they sing."
Neither child to this day has any idea that we were there for any
other reason.

Even though we had talked about this moment for weeks, that moment's top question was, "how do we get Tanner to sing in front of a large room filled with strangers?!" I pulled my now classic "OK, Who wants to go first?!" and Tanner, as always, shouted out "ME!" Tanner, who was very proud of the fact that they all "knew how beautiful he
sang," started singing "twinkle twinkle little star to the 40
lawyers. At first it was soft, even with the microphone, but he kept
getting louder and louder. (You can hear him sing this on Scott
Bilker's Talking Page) When he was done with this he asked to sing
another song too! When he finished, the applause was so loud that
both children held their ears, it was such a beautiful moment. We all
were so proud of him! Dakota sang next and received the same
applause. It really was a very moving experience.

After we were done, Cheryl Johnson, our VP, who was sent to the wrong campus by the doorman, walked in. Cheryl was unfortunately not there for the presentation, but was allowed 2 minutes to talk.


Many of you either own a business, or work for one. We would really
appreciate if you can pass on the following information about
the "Chef's Row" and the Ad Journal. 100% of the monies raised goes
to the chosen charities. This is how the monies are divided.

40% to Children's Apraxia Network/Cherab Foundation -Primary recipient
20% to Seton Hall University Bolond Hall Survivors Fund
20% to Cerebral Palsy
20% to St. Mathew-Neighborhood Development Association

Please make checks payable to:

Seton Hall Law Student Bar Association
Atten: Eric McCullough, Treasurer
One Newark Center
Newark, New Jersey 07102

Backcover (Full Page) $500
Inside Front Cover (Full Page) $400
Inside Back Cover (Full Page) $400
Full Page $250
Half Page $125
Quarter Page $75
Patron (Name Only) $25

You can send your Business Card or Camera Ready Art.

CHEF'S ROW -MARCH 23, 2001

Time: 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Location: Seton Hall University Law School's Main Atrium
One Newark Center
Newark, New Jersey 07102


You are cordially invited to participate in the Seton Hall Law School Student Bar Association’s 4th Annual “Chef’s Row”. Each year the student body of Seton Hall Law School holds a fundraising event to benefit local charities. This year we are raising funds to support FOUR New Jersey Charities, Children’s Apraxia Network/Cherab, Cerebral Palsy of Essex and West Hudson, St. Matthew-Neighborhood Improvement Development Association and the Seton Hall University Boland Hall Survivors’ Fund.  All proceeds are donated directly to the charities.

Chef’s Row is well attended by members of the judiciary, distinguished members of the NJ law community from many of the most prominent firms in the state, alumni, students and their families. The event will take place at Seton Hall Law School in Newark, New Jersey on Friday, March 23, 2001 in the Law School Atrium located in One Newark Center at the corner of Raymond Blvd and Route 21. The event starts at 5:00 pm. Last year we had over twenty area restaurants participate in the event.Our restaurant list included Don Pepe, Spanish Tavern, Je’s, Pronto Cena, Theatre Grill at NJPAC, the Newark Club, and John’s Place. Many of the participants are returning this year.

We expect over 300 attendees. Each restaurant is asked to provide samples of their “signature” dish. Guests walk around and taste the food from each restaurant. The attendees represent a group of people who dine out for both business and pleasure. Tickets go on sale starting Monday, February 26th and are $25. They can be purchased by contacting the Student Bar Association or at the law school.

“Despite the hectic schedule and time pressure of law school, our student body finds the time each year to host and plan Chef’s Row which is not only a great social event, but also a tremendous opportunity to garner funds for very worthwhile charities. As an alumnus of Seton Hall, especially near and dear to my heart is the Boland Hall Survivor Fund. This opportunity would not be possible without the generosity of local restaurants and caterers who are the integral element for making this event a success.” Patrick O’Boyle, Student Bar Association President

The Student Bar Association dedicates many hours to the success of this evening. Our student body is committed to providing service to others. We would appreciate if you would help us by publicizing our event. Any type of publicity is much needed and will be greatly appreciated; press releases, product support, community bulletins, or on-site reports. A representative of the Student Bar Association will be contacting you shortly to follow up and or answer any questions you might have. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at (973)279-0382, or the Student Bar Association at (973) 642-8488.

Very truly yours,

Natalie Esposito

Publicity Chairperson

 This event, which is $25 per person, $10 for students, will take place right at Seton Hall University in the main atrium. Children are also welcome to attend this event. I will have some comp passes for the children, so email me if you need any.

There are plenty of parking lots, as well as on street parking all around the university.

For more information on the event you can also call Jay Ross at 732-206-1266. or email him at You can also email me at and I will find out the answer to your
questions. -Lisa Geng President Cherab Foundation

SHU Media Contact Person For this Event

For press releases for this event for the media, please contact Natalie Esposito, the Publicity Chairperson for Chef's Row for Seton Hall University at (973)279-0382, or the Student Bar Association at (973) 642-8488. You can also email Natalie.

We really appreciate if you can in any way support this wonderful
event. The name only pledge is a great one for the families of
children who have apraxia.

Again, THANK YOU Seton Hall University Law School


Lisa Geng
President Cherab Foundation and Children's Apraxia Network

The Cherab Foundation is a world-wide nonprofit organization working to improve the communication skills and education of all children with speech and language delays and disorders. Our area of emphasis is verbal and oral apraxia, severe neurologically-based speech and language disorders that hinder children's ability to speak.

The Foundation is committed to assisting with the development of new therapeutic approaches, preventions and cures to neurologically-based speech disorders. We bring together parents and medical, research, and educational professionals. Please join us and help to give our children a smile and a voice.

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